Peripera 2014 Spring/Summer Collection | Peri's Cushion Lips

Hello kitties!

Its been a while isn't it??I was busy with projects and now the water crisis in Kuala Lumpur is getting a bit out of hand.Its so hot and dry nowadays,please pray for a rainy day T__T I left home with a foggy dark cloud of rainy season and welcomed by a freaking hot weather in KL.

I stumbled upon Peripera Spring/Summer Collection in Youtube and i checked their website to know more about the cushion lips.

This cushion lips or cushion tint come in a flat squeeze tube as opposed to the traditional cushion tint where it come in a spherical/roundish squeeze tube.

There are two ways to use this tint either by using it as a lipstick or liptint by doing the gradiation technique.

From the look of it,it dries to matte.

Its interesting that they include orchid/purple shade in this collection as Innisfree and Etude House didn't.
Radiant orchid is definitely a trend on this coming summer.

If i were to buy this tint,i would opt for OR04,PK05 and PK08.

Photos were obtained from their official website but edited by me,hence the watermark.


AnnTan said...

oh wow i didn't know they have new products launching! i love 0r01 and 0r04 ~ how much is it by the way?

Sample Hime said...

I loveeee these colors! I'm definitely going to buy at least one of each pink, orange, and purple. =)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sample Hime Me too! OMG my moneyyyyy xD

Azwa Amanina said...

@AnnTan The website stated that its price is 10000 KRW but they're having a sale now and the price is 5900 KRW.Very cheap!

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