❤ Etude House Face Conditioning Cream Review ❤

Hi everyone!

Sample Hime requested for a review on this so called conditioning cream,another fancy name of face primer created by Etude House LOL.

Seriously,Etude House is the only brand who constantly release new collection/product throughout the year.Thumbs up to their R&D department! :D

This one was released less than three months ago and now there's already a new collection which is the Lips-fit and Skin-fit products.

This cream claims to control oil,keeping the skin moisturized and act as a primer as well.

It even got praised from Korea's top MUA


My first impression upon looking the box is snow and snow white. LOL.
The mirror makes it even more convincing.

I was expecting a metal tube but of course,its all plastic.
Looking from the picture,you would think its a metal tube right?Me too.

When you first de-cap it,the opening was sealed tightly.

The first time i squirted out this cream,it almost look like a regular moisturizer except that this cream is thicker in texture and isn't as runny as a moisturizer.It smells like perfume guys,i swear! 

My Thoughts

This cream may look frightening due to its white opaque appearance but fear not,it will become translucent once blended on to the skin.Its very easy to blend it and it leaves a dewy finish on its own.Its not a problem to me since the BB cream and face powder will mattify my skin later on.As for its finishing look,my skin feels smoother and it does cover up my pores but only to certain extent.Application of BB cream is of course much more easier.Oil control is good! I used this with the Innisfree BB cushion and my skin stays as it was when i came back from lectures.It does get a little oily on my T-zone but not to the gross level LOL.Which also indicates that this cream is also a good primer for oily skin.It can also be used on its own as i noticed earlier this morning,my skin looks more bright but towards lunch time,it does get oily that i have to blot my face.


This was sold at an average of 54 MYR at online shop (pre-order).Good price for a 75g product :)


So do yourself a favour and buy this product LOL.


Anonymous said...


Miss Ika said...

GUD review dear :D

Sample Hime said...

Salaam alaikum, thank you for reviewing this so quickly dear! :) If this helps with oil, I will definitely order it when I can. I am afraid to order things right now since I might be moving =)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sample Hime Waalaikumsalam sister.Its no big deal! :) awww really?I hope it all goes well! <3

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sample Hime Waalaikumsalam sister.Its no big deal! :) awww really?I hope it all goes well! <3

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sample Hime Waalaikumsalam sister.Its no big deal! :) awww really?I hope it all goes well! <3

Azwa Amanina said...

@Miss Ika Thanks Ika!

Nuraini Munira J. said...

Salam +Azwa Amanina. Nice review you here! wah~really? I love how it works if it's really easy to blend. Hmm, maybe I should get samples and decide once I tried it. RM54? Okay I guess. :)
Love, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

Azwa Amanina said...

@Nuraini Munira J. The price is cheaper since i bought it online but its retail price is rm 79.90 >.<

Fräulein Schnee said...

I was looking for a review for this and I stumbbled over your blog. I like your reviews! Thanks a lot, I enjoyed reading them :)

Amni Zahidah said...

Salam, may I ask your permission to copy link your blog at my page? Coz am selling this product. My page at Carousell Amni Zahidah 😊

Azwa Amanina said...

@Amni Zahidah Wassalam. of course you can :) Do add me carousell ;)

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