✿ Etude House Styling Eyeliner in 02 White Review ✿

Hello everybody!

This eyeliner has been sitting in my vanity stash for a few months already,totally forgot to review this one.To be honest,i've been loving this product though it has a few setbacks. :)


Im a little confused whether this eyeliner range has a black shade or not but lets just say it has because black is a traditional colour,you must have it!

Well,worn out quality seal because im just too lazy to rip it :P

The liner is white with a hint of shimmer,its very subtle.

The pigmentation is not as good as it claimed.

If you look closely,this liner leave tiny residues once swatched.The application is smooth but it needs a few strokes for the colour to really shows up.I've used primer underneath this liner and it stays for 4-5 hours before it starts to streaks/fade.Without primer,its terrible! It can only stays put for 2-3 hours max.However its still my current pick because of its small diameter,making it easy to reach my eyes inner corner.There is no visible scent and i always throw this product into my handbag just in case i need a touch up (in which i DO need)

I might change to other product if i found a better liner :)


I bought it for RM19.90.Very cheap! yet its performance is also pretty cheap -____-



What's your favourite?


Mizu chan said...

I ever bought this once long time ago and did not like this either..the liner will eventually dries and causes glitter fall out which is a mess

Cheri said...

Great review! Haha I find myself loving this product since it acts as a great undereye highlighter to create a natural ageyo-sal :) Its fine tip also makes it easier to control than stick eyeshadows ;)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Mizu chan Yes,i agree with you.Even without rubbing,it will fade away. :/

Azwa Amanina said...

@Cheri It definitely is easier to create aegyo-sal with this :) If only the longevity is better :(

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