△ Day 7 - Inspiration △

hugs and kisses.

Today is the last day of my 7 Days of Optimism Project and i am soooo proud i finished it without any  intended delay. *nods*

I have lots of people/words i look up to for inspiration.

Beauty - Aimie (she's the first person that introduced me to cosmetics and such.Thank you Mon,if it wasn't you brought me shopping to Sephora long time ago,i might never started buying makeups. :D ) 

Fashion - 2NE1

Self enrichments - books and quotes,sometimes i observed people especially the one thats close to me.

Music -  BIGBANG,2NE1,Lana Del Ray,sometimes Yuna.

Kpop has a great influence on me. :P

Basically,this entry is a just a bunch of quotes that I can relate to,hopefully you could too.I love quotes,they're great tools to inspire me beside reading books and listening to music.


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