Fraser Hill


Me and my father went to Fraser Hill last sunday.Man i didn't know it would take almost 1 and a half  hour before we reached the hill -____- long story short,bangas juga la duduk dalam kereta.

But it was worth it,the road was in the middle of nowhere so we get to enjoy the green scenery.Then we passed a really old chinese village.I feel like i've stepped in the 80's like seriously.

This is the SWEETEST iced tea i've ever had in my whole life.

picture below! :)

i have gotten a little chubby dont chu think so?

eh abaikan.

We didn't get to try horse riding ;___; but it was fun though! =3=

There's nothing much there.You come only to do your own photoshoot hehe.Its not that cool/cold either but ok laa.

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