Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact

hello cupcakes.

I checked the office today and im so happy that my parcel has finally arrived *nods* So i decided to make a review on this pact.This is my very first compact powder from Etude House. :)

Dear Girls is another makeup collection from Etude House.I think this range is targeted to teens.Due to their puberty they have more sensitive skin and generally makeup is prohibited. :P Thus they come up with this bare kind healthy and natural products.In fact,the products in this collection are all basic cosmetics - lip balm,BB cream,pressed powder and aegyo-sal maker,etc.

I choose to buy this oil control pact because my skin is oily.

Look at what they promised/offered/claimed

You would instantly attracted right? :)

I love the packaging! Its so adorable,i feel like i've turned into 17 y/o again -3- Very girlish and i absolutely like it.Its weight is 8g and small enough to fit into the compartments of my bag. (ɔ˘з˘)ɔ

There is a cover between the puff and the pressed powder.Its pure white and the puff is soft (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) There's also a mirror included duhhh.I can smell a hint of fragrance in it but i can't identify what kind.However,i like scented cosmetics so its okay.

*warning* up close pictures leads to visible pores.

Im surprised because i can clearly see the difference through the pictures.I thought i would see nothing lol.It did diminish my oily,I was just back from outside in a sunny day when i tried this pact.

I just realized that im not a fan of free samples.Maybe its because i already own the actual products of the samples that they sent to me soooo yep.


\( ゚ヮ゚)/  It worked exactly what its supposed to do - sebum control
\( ゚ヮ゚)/  Small packaging - travel friendly
\( ゚ヮ゚)/  Adorable design -3-
\( ゚ヮ゚)/  Price is ok 30++MYR
\( ゚ヮ゚)/  Contain  lemon peel oil, grapefruit extract,pomegranate tree extract, fig extract and sea buckthorn      


┐(´-`)┌  Not available in Malaysia

Guess i love this product!


Mrs. Gaeul said...

This looks good. My skin gets sooo oily, especially during summer. I actually love free samples because I take them when I travel instead of the full size item. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi~may i know where you did got this product?

Zzashura Kekule said...

Hi~may i know where did you order this product?

Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous hello,i bought this online from Malaysian Korean Cosmetics Shopping in FB

Azwa Amanina said...

@Mrs. Gaeul i have this habit where i tend to bring ALL my makeup -___- maybe i should try bringing free samples while traveling.

Anonymous said...

How much u buy this item?? :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous i purchased this for 36MYR.

Anonymous said...

You said you are not a fan of free product samples cos you already own them. Girl, do you have any idea that those samples are etude house products and you do realise you stated this compact powder as your first product from etude right? :3

Azwa Amanina said...

@Anonymous i think there's a misunderstanding here.What i wrote was the first COMPACT POWDER i bought from Etude House,not first product i bought hehe.

Xiimena M.L said...

HI! i´m curious about
do you ever try innsfree no sebummineral powder? do you like it? which one is best etude house dear girl oil control or innsfree?

i like you blog greeting from Mexico :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Xiimena M.L Hi. I like the innisfree one better. I feel like they're more finely milled and i think its cheaper too!

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