Concealer Palette

hello candies!

Recently,i kind of get into makeup palettes.I feel like i have too much input but lack of hands on experience.Using palettes will be more convenient and cheaper for a beginner like me.So,i've been head hunting online sites that sell makeup palettes.I can say i have found the shop and im about to purchase. :)

My priority is to conceal my dark circles.It has gone worse ever since the examination month.I've tried any concealer that i could afford,I've also did my research on how to counteract my dark circles with the concealer tone but so far no luck. :(

Im hoping that by purchasing a concealer/corrector palette i will be able to experiment with my dark circles,sees which tone works best for me.It looks something like this.

My last paper is tomorrow and im planning to buy this while im still in KL since the postage fee will be higher to west malaysia :/ Wish me luck!

Check the video below!

1 comment :

Mizu chan said...

oh nice palette :D
but i rarely used any concealer because it settles into my fine lines..:(

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