Fake Cosmetics,Beware!!!

hello cupcakes!

As a beauty enthusiast,im always aware of the cosmetics i bought.i checked their labels,ingredients and tested it on the back of my hand.I prefer to buy directly from the shop itself rather than buying from online shops unless i have proof of its authenticity.

Its sad that nowadays some people are making money by selling fake cosmetics,much more sad when the buyer are still buying it for reason such as "the ori one is pricey la,dont want to use that much money," 

I feel sorry for them but there's a danger in buying un-authorized cosmetics (or any products).Below i include some of the popular cosmetics being copied and sold.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Skin79 BB Cream Range

i've seen a lot of women were tricked by the fake BB Cream,even one beauty guru im following is using a fake one!lets hope she bought it wrong instead of purposely buying it.

Benefit Porefessional 

MAC product range

this brand is by far the most sold fake cosmetics i've seen in Malaysia.

I dont know why ladies dare to purchase inauthentic cosmetics,its something that we put on our faces ladies!Some ingredients may be hazardous on our skin as it seeps through into our bodies while some causes irritations.

There are WAYS to stop buying fake cosmetics,even if you're short in money. *nods*


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