Etude House Sweet Recipe Haul =3=


its been a while isn't it?i've been busy and lazy at the same time forgive me. =3=

recently i went to Etude House at Times Square (TS) and woah,the shop has gone major renovation but of course cute as ever awww.They're having sale too!

Buy any 3 of the new Sweet Recipe Collection and get 20% discount

Buy any 3 of Etude House products and get 50% discount

i remember the salesguy told me its only until the 14th of april so hurry guys!

from left ; Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color,Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puff,Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

behind is a shower kit and Shinee's postcard (free gifts yay!)

can you believe this three items cost me RM102.15?? :O 

Baby choux Base in #1 Mint Choux

as expected,Etude House is the king when it comes to cute packaging.they never failed to impress me. 

i'll do a review on Baby Choux Base soon!

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake

the color looks scary when i was surveying but im bored with pinkish shade so i chose this.
its not that scary once i apply it on my face,serious!
smells nice too!

Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puff.

what more can i say,the container is uber cool and it has 8 pieces inside.

time for the free gifts!

back and front view of the postcard.
i thought it was a calender but nope.
im not really a fan of shinee though. =3=

Etude House Shower Kit!!

from left above ; foot srubber,massager and shower cap plus a super adorable shower sponge!!
too precious *sobs*

im sorry that i've been gone for almost a month,i also have tons of books left to be read thanks to the BB1M and im involved in a college project sooo yeah.i never failed to make excuses -.- 

thanks for coming by and toodles!


Kim Aera (and Sisters) said...

you're not a fan of shinee? OMG YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO GET THAT POSTCARD T__________T

Azwa Mislan said...

@Kim Aera (and Sisters) hehe i guess. -3- they're all handsome though,especially minho!

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