CLIO Kill Slim Eyeliner (Sandara Park Version)

hello darlingz.

i've been wanting to own a pen liquid eyeliner because i found that it is easier to apply rather than the gel liner or pencil pleased to say that i am quite good with my hand coordination when it comes to using a pen AND liquid liner hehe.practice makes perfect love,trust me.

somehow i failed to obtain any CLIO kill slim liner ads in Sandara Park version,they only got Lee Hyori's. =3= no biggie,both of them are gorgeous!


i supposed they were trying to tell the customer that it is waterproof,smudge proof and easy to apply. *nods*

The packaging is promoting maturity and elegance (in my opinion).nothing attractive,i bought it just because Sandara Park is on it -3- talking about a loyal fan here \m/

the length of this pen including the cover is exactly 12.5cm.


they really mean it when they say KILL SLIM.the brush is just so thin the tip barely captured by the camera im using :O it keeps on focusing on the lower part instead of the tip.imagine the thinness!

My Experience

its easy to apply,no doubt but it can smudge during the application.i have to make the line thicker because of it.Its also VERY PRICEY,cost me 55 MYR :/ the Kate extreme black pen liner is only 30 MYR.This liner reflect lights but that is not a concern with me.The good thing about the thin brush is that it can reach to the inner corner of my eyes without smudging to my lower lashes hurrah!the pigmentation can be build by applying few more coats.Bonus point,its easy to remove it with your makeup remover. -3- only buy this if you have extra money hehe.

toodles <3

field work time!

ok abaikan.

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