Etude House Cupcake All Over Color RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake

hello darlingz :P

moving on to my second review on Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection that is [enter post title here] hehe.

as usual,let us all read the advertisement.

why did i choose the raspberry mousse cake or red for short is because pinkish shade is so overrated. -.- purple seems awkward if i apply it as blusher (its suppose to be ALL over color remember?) and i strongly believe the pinkish and cream color wont show much on my starting to wonder why i didn't grab the orange shade :O


its almost the same as the Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes which is also the same as the previous one when sandara park was endorsing the brand.Nevertheless its a genius-bloody brilliant idea i feel like i want to bow down to whoever proposed this idea.guys,even the name itself are pure genius! -3-

im starting to admit that i kinda has a thing for pink color. -3- 


when i swatch it,its very pigmented but once blended you can hardly see the color.see,this is why i choose red instead of the pink/creamy one.i have proven my point lol.dont worry,it wont look bold on your skin,i promise.

first coat.

second coat.

My experience

I am in love with this thing just as much as i love the baby choux base. -3- when i apply it on my lips,it does not dry my lips out but it also does not moisture.all i can i say its kinda neutral.maybe its because this thing is meant to be applied on the face you can see from the picture below,it was barely seen in the photos but that does not matter since it does not have the lipstick formula duh.

it gave the healthy natural red lips you've been dying to have for does not have any shiny reflection,glossy and sticky effect hence making it look extra natural.however,i have to apply a few coats on the cheek in order to pop the colour out. :/ such a shame,i've never use it as an eyeshadow base (yet)

*drum rolls* its travel-friendly!!

after a few coats.

see,you cant tell from le picture that i was wearing the [enter post title here] on my lips and cheeks.

toodles! <3

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