Silkygirl Baby Smooth Blur Primer

Hola peeps!

I've been on a hiatus because I was freaking out over planning my path now that I've finished my undergrad study. I was also more active on Youtube since I figure I want to add variety to my social media. Check out my channel Azwa M.

Now that I'm back in KL,I'm about to start a new journey and hopefully I'll be able to update this blog frequently. That's a little update of my unimportant life.

Recently,I've been testing the brand new primer from Silkygirl. I'm not sure whether they've ever came out with a face primer before. It was sold for only RM25.90 at my local Watsons store.

I heard it is sold out everywhere. Lately Silkygirl is releasing products with upgraded quality such as the Matte Junkie Lip Cream and Skinny Hi-Definition Brow Pencil. Everyone's been raving about the brand.

P/S - live swatch is available. Click the play button!

This is a pore-filling primer and it is silicone based. Comes in a petite 18ml squeeze tube. Love this type of packaging for primer because I can squeeze the hell out of the primer to the last bit. 

Claims include;
  • Soft focus effect
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Shine-free formula
  • Repairs skin 
  •  Lightweight formula 
  •  Formulated for Asian skin

 It seems too good to be true,isn't it? Basically the primer has everything a traditional primer could offer.

Let's get in detail with each points; texture - scent - performance


Thick,slippery to the touch. I would say borderline greasy. Once blended,the slippery texture fades away. Its best to note that it has a peachy pink tint which does nothing actually. In term of texture,its almost similar (not exactly) to the Benefit Porefessional.


No noticeable scent even after I've sniffed the shit out of it. Maybe my nose lacks sensory.


The primer spreads effortlessly on the skin. I don't notice any instant blurring after applying it but it definitely works beneath the foundation. I do feel kinda greasy when I was rubbing it in but as said before,it quickly fade away. Maybe it was the silicone. My base makeup sits nicely on top of it,the primer doesn't do weird shit like peeling off or something. Bear in mind that it claims to "moisturizes skin" so that might explain the greasy experience.

There is no significant prolong wear of makeup. It just makes my foundation looks smoother but the oil-control is meh. To be fair,there is no claims of "long lasting makeup". So technically this primer WORKS because it emphasize on "blurring" the pores. If you have large pores,this will be a wonderful option for covering up the pores. If you have combination/dry skin,this will also probably suits you.

Hopefully you find my review helpful. Thanks for reading xoxo!

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