Essence Shading Powder 01 Light

Hola amigos!

I've recently purchased this product when I was strolling at Parkson. I was surprised to find the Essence rack there. Plus the rack contain a decent amount of products rather than filled with disgusting testers. Among the items are the shading powder. I also picked up two foundation/BB cream from Essence but bought from different shops.

Let's jump into the review!

As seen above, the shading powder is divided to two section; bronzer and highlighter. There's no proper divider between the two so the bronzer debris tend to settle on the highlighter and vice versa. However I simply blow it away to get rid of it.

The packaging is low-cost yet sleek and the clip works well. Nothing to complaint since the price itself is cheap.

At first glance, I thought "wah perfect shade for contour la" but I was wrong. It turned out a teeny tiny red on the skin but the product itself is sheer so it didn't really show up. Very natural type of bronzer/contour. The highlight is also super natural. Looks really pretty with yellow undertone and it has micro glitters. It does show up on the skin and somehow intensify through out the day. 

When I was swatching the product,I noticed its significantly less powdery than my other bronzer/highlight. However it still produce a noticeable amount of debris that transfers to its neighbor.

Can't really see the swatch cause it's relatively "light" for my skin.

Freshly applied.

What it looks like after 6hours.

Look nice la,it's still very much stayed put on my super GREASY face. When I was applying these two,I'm like "ehh can't see a thing,no pigmentation at all" but I'm glad I didn't build it up cause it shows up under bright day lighting. This is definitely NOT a heavy duty shading powder. 

Essence is a famous brand in Malaysia so most of their items are sold out and hardly restocked especially in KL. I was blessed by the makeup god to accidentally stumbled upon the Essence rack in Parkson LOL betcha' din' know Essence is available in Parkson. Now you know ;)


ieyra h. said...

I've yet to find this shading powder at my nearest Watsons, I wonder if it is Parkson exclusive or something. O_O

ieyra h. | blog

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. I think its available on any Essence counter but sold out. My nearest Watsons store NEVER restocked Essence items T__T

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