Essence All About Matt! Foundation 10 Matt Beige

Greetings unicorns!

I've recently purchased this foundation out of curiosity. Since I have an extremely oily skin, I figure this is a perfect match for me. I believe they have four color selection but only three were available on the rack. I picked up the lightest shade because "medium" is usually 1-2 shades darker than my skin tone (only applicable to Western makeups)

I wish they come out with more color because hello,the world ain't only about FOUR skin colors *roll eyes* Drugstore brands usually have limited color selection for base makeup,at least in my country.

The foundation come in a typical squeeze tube with standard amount of product; 30ml. I think the price is about RM20. Darn cheap! The foundation claims to be
  • oil-free
  • long lasting (12 hours)
  • moisturizing
  • covers imperfection without clogging the pores

The foundation spill into the cap because of its thin, watery consistency. It's tricky to control the product amount accordingly. Without squeezing,it didn't dispense fast enough but when I squeeze the tube,loads of it come out! Fortunately it didn't cake up even when I pile this up on the skin. phew.

The scent of this foundation reminds me of foods. I'm like "woaaa this smells like my childhood food". Funny but it smells like bubblegum?? I honestly love the scent of it. I can't stop sniffing when I was using this for the first time.

Left side - damp sponge / right side - flat top brush

First thing, it has zero coverage. The only thing it did was evening out my skin tone. My rosacea is very much visible after one layer and I've applied a second layer on my problematic area but the redness still peek through.

The good thing is that its weightless on the skin and it does has the "moisturizing" feel to it,strangely the finish is not dewy/shiny at all. It is a teeny tiny tacky so its not completely matte as it claim to be.

It lasts the whole day but my skin feels oily-er towards the end of the day. I didn't touch up at all and my contour and highlight are still visible. My blush is completely gone together with the foundation around my nose,the most oily part of my face.

I would definitely wear this on a daily basis. It's almost perform like a CC cream to me. I feel like I'm giving my skin a break while still wearing makeup. The color also match my skin tone perfectly. If you're a makeup beginner,this will be a good start if you're on a tight budget. 

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