Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation 235 Pure Beige Review

Hello unicorns!

I've recently purchased this foundation after reading and watching countless reviews about it.It was tough finding your shade when all you have are swatches on google which have different lighting,edits,etc.

I went with Pure Beige hoping it matches my skintone and it amazingly did! YASSSSSSSS *Jaclyn Hill voice* 

First off,i love the packaging! I've never had something quite like it.Im pretty sure the glass bottle is transparent and the turqoise going on there really catch my eyes.I have an oily skin so i refrain myself from buying the Fit Me! Dewy foundation and bought this instead.

I've never had any experience with non-dispenser foundation so i poured out a little too much on my first try.Its not difficult,just tricky.Plus I have to clean the edges after use because it irks me seeing the leftover foundation staining the opening. :/


It has a thin texture yet not runny,veeeeeery subtle scent and blend seamlessly on my skin.I would say it has light-medium coverage and does not cake up when layered up.I personally think it does not have a matte finish like its claim,its more to semi-matte and its less sticky than any normal BB creams i've used.I cannot comment for the poreless claim because i always use primer beneath my base makeup.

I just realized that it does not have any SPF.Im so used to BBs and CCs with SPF that i rarely used sunscreen under my makeup.Plus i feel like my makeup become too thick with an extra layer of the sunscreen.

Longevity is okay.I feel oily after 4 hours and i had to blot my face,mostly on my T-zone.By the time i reach home,the product on my nose is mostly gone but i am fine because no base makeup could ever compete my oiliness LOL.

Price-wise,i bought this for RM50 + RM6 postage from Carousell.This line has yet to reach Malaysia so the only way to purchase is by online shop.I really hope Maybelline bring some of their best sellers overseas such as the Fit Me! concealer and the Lash Sensational Mascaras.

I would definitely recommend you to try this foundation. :)

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Marissa Reyes said...

Would you consider pure beige a pink or yellow undertone?

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