March 2014 Favourites (L'oreal,Etude House,Bobbi Brown,etc)

Hello dreamers!

I've noticed that i've consistently use more or less the same product in my daily makeup for the past few months.Sometimes i would play around with my eye makeup for example but normally,these products are my daily staples and they work wonderfully!

You guys must have known that im a BIG FAN of korean cosmetics.But lately i've started trying more of the Western brand primarily the ones that got raved by beauty bloggers. :)

1. L'oreal True Match Foundation N3 Nude Vanilla

Let's take a moment to appreciate the existence of this foundation.Holy cow,i am impressed with this product.Its super light weight,effortlessly blendable and this is the exact colour of my skintone.It does not clog my pores nor sink into it and i am in love!!

2. Tony Moly Backstage Gel Line 04 Brown

This my friend,is a game changing product. It is so creamy yet it provide a decent pigmentation.The brush included is soft enough to glide the product on to my lash line. It did not smear off and stays well on the lashes.Plus it does not dry off as easy as the essence's liner.

3. Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer (Volume)

I bought this product because so many Korean vloggers recommended this in their videos.It claims to volumize the lashes while holding the curls in place. True to its claim,this thing really work! I normally dont buy this type of product because i always thought its just a marketing gimmick but i was wrong. :)

4. Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

I love the dual function of this mascara,especially the lower lashes mascara.I even use it on my upper lashes for a more natural effect.But i dont think this is the best mascara in town.The upper lashes mascara is not as volumizing as i want it to be but i always use it with the mascara fixer to add extra volume to my lashes.

5. The Faceshop Design My Eyebrow 04 Brown / Bobbi Brown Corrector (Peach)

The eyebrow pencil is very beginner friendly because of the spooly end and the angled contour of the pencil.Plus i dont have to sharpen t. :) I personaly think it provide a very natural and soft finish to my eyebrows.It also budge proof and of course,cheap. 

Now,this is probably the best cream concealer i've ever tried. Its very thick but it does not feel heavy on the skin.It neutralizes the discoloration under my eyes and once set with powder,it literally stays on as it is, The creasing is also minimal compared to the NYX Dark Circle Concealer.I've been using this product since last year and the pan still look half full!

So that's it for this month's monthly favourites.I hope you enjoy reading my entry.

Toddles! :)

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