Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Primer Review

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What a very very long time no see!

A friend of mine bought this primer in Korea for me.I never saw any online shop promotes this product,much more reviews on it and yet i took the risk anyway because i was looking for something cheap to replace my Benefit Porefessional pore primer.The concept and design is almost the same as Benefit's right?

The product comes in a squeeze tube with the same secret agent theme. It also have a matte baby blue colour and comes with a pointy opening. I must admit i quite like the Aritaum's design albeit its similiarity with Western brand. The figure/model look far more attractive don't you agree? :) It has a volume of 22 ml.

The pointy opening gave me more control on the how much i wanted the product to come out.

On to the swatch!

The texture is something like a light weight moisturizer. Some oil is also present but i dont feel any greasiness once spread evenly on the skin. It looks almost the same as the Porefessional isn't it? This can even be a dupe! but not that quite yet. 

Benefit look more like a paste and it definitely look drier than Aritaum. They have different tone but nevertheless fall in the same family.

This product is my daily staple ever since i've own it. Easy to blend,minimizes my pores and doesn't feel too silicon-ish. A tiny dot on my cheeks and nose are enough to cover my problematic area. It doesn't sink into the pores but it does stay very very well on the skin. I didn't notice any correcting effect like reducing redness or something. It also doesn't contain any SPF whatsoever.

But in term of longevity,my base makeup still look decent by the end of the day eventhough i do feel slightly greasy on my forehead and nose. My friend,you have to remove this primer thoroughly because i noticed a significant amount of white heads around my nose blossomed after i started wearing this primer. So i have to exfoliate regularly to get rid of the tiny tiny white bumps.

Other than that its all good! :) I am really fond of this primer now. Cheap and works like magic!

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Maliha Rao said...

Omg BIG Difference looks so much better than Benefit
Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

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