❤ Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist Review ❤

Hello everyone!

I just finished my final exam and now im back at my hometown.Im so happy to be home :) I bought this mist because it was on sale.I bought it for only 30 MYR. That is quite a steal for me hehe.The amount i've got for its price is also pretty good *thumbs up*

This mist claim to protect the skin from the harmful dusts by producing a protective layer on the skin.When it was first released,im a little skeptical with the Dust Cut line.So i never really paid attention to this line until i decided to buy this facial mist.

It looks like a metal bottle right?NOPE. Its just a grey plastic bottle.
It has 150 ml of product inside.

It comes with a standard nozzle spray complete with a transparent cap.

The nozzle spray is not as effective as i've expected it to be. It does provide a fine mist but occasionally large droplet like shown on top will occur.I can feel this large droplet dripping on my skin.Its a little uncomfortable especially if im wearing makeup.I tend to rub/wipe it hence it will remove my makeup too.

However i really LOVE this facial mist.I dont like the Im Blooming mist which i reviewed here.I've already get rid of it.

First,it does not make my skin become oily afterward.My skin does not feel sticky or greasy once the mist dried up on my skin.I dont need that extra oil on my skin since im already as oily as it is.

Second,it really works. I didn't test it myself but i have read reviews on this mist and they put on a test whether this facial mist really work and they do! This mist protects your skin by preventing the dusts from adhering on your skin.Its not bullshit sold in the market just for profit.

Third,this facial mist work really well with my beauty blender.I use this mist to dampen my beauty blender and it blends my bb cream or foundation beautifully.This is what i like the most about this mist.

Definitely a 5/5 product! Go and buy this mist! =3=

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