kelas APK (Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan)

hello earthlings.

expect a lot of real life experiences within this week's entries. :) suddenly got the urge to record my life in a week (well not all certainly,only le signifant events)

its 12.08AM and im taking a break from studying EXCEL,got test tomorrow.

usually,i dislike my APK class (its on MONDAY 3 to 5PM ok) because basically i just sit in the class and listen to the lectures.although le professor loves and know how to make jokes (plus some interesting stories in le business universe)

but today,a new teacher came to subtitute our lecturer and she is apparently an ENTREPRENEUR.she's chinese and her name is Ms. Elaine.
dont expect any slide shows or note taking for these whole semester.
that's her introductry speech LOL.

the whole 2hours class not once she conducted a proper typical lectures.there's always activities to do,just light activities that don't burden us.
minta mahap la kamera 2.0 MP memang x bleh diharap sangat.

she instructed us to write down what we want to be on a piece of paper.later on the other page we wrote the problems to achieve our target plus what we need to achieve it.

LOL i wrote communication as my specialty LOL im awkward as hell i didn't know it'll be my job for the whole semester.

anyhow,another 2hours long class today is statistics.i thought i'll never cross my path with maths like IM DONE WITH MATHS OK BYE.hmphhh bye la sangat,its a compulsory course. :/ however its just simple maths,the one we learnt back in PASUM.

i always went sleepy in this class so the solution??

that's her,my lecturer.

well,what's your story?? :)


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