not long ago i bragged about meeting Bunkface and One Buck Short (OBS) in my FB so now i wanted to share with you guys the pictures we (managed) to are not in particular order and beware of my oily skine (yikes!)

me,yuki and kezia.
sounds cool huh their name? :) 

oh look,we got the front seat but its still too far from the stage LOL

ohhhh these pretty funny girls.

and then there's me.

he's an ex PASUM,shamelessly nak duduk semeja muehehehe not that i mind. :)

ohhh,minuman ini free ok.

and thats us with Bunkface.

i didn't manage to snap pictures with OBS but thats fine,real fine.

you know what's funny??i dont know,i feel like i was in a gig yet the people was sitting politely,no headbanging or put-yo-hands-up-high-in-the-air mood LOL seriously much for the grade A students. -shrugs-

anyway,its FESKUM 2012/2013 now and FOODS ARE EVERYWHERE! om fucking nom nom.


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